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Who we are

One of the joys in our lives is getting together and exchanging gifts during occasions – festivals, birthdays and anniversaries. But one diwali was different. The idea to form our trust started with a simple Diwali card from a friend. It said that henceforth, instead of sending gifts at Diwali time, he had decided to donate a certain amount to his favourite charity for children.

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About Us

What we do

We support all critical and severe illnesses in children.

Why we do it

In India 52 out of 1000 children i.e. 1 in 20 lose their lives before they reach their 5th birthday. The mortality in India is 10 times higher than many developed countries.

What you can do

The amount needed to make a difference for a child is not very large.Most critical illnesses can be treated within 1-5 lakh rupees.

See the smile

We see god in the smile of children around us.

We need your support

Healing Touch

A medical aid trust for children.

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