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It took 2 years 11 months before they were able to treat the hole in the heart. But they were not simple and easy 2 years 11 months. They were full of multiple infections, poor growth and a lot of medicines. This much loved child tried to run around but got easily fatigued, ate a lot but didn’t grow in height or weight and had frequent chest infections.

At 1 month of age a doctor noticed a strange sound in her heart, a few tests later a large hole in the heart was detected. She was advised a surgery costing Rs 2 lakhs but for a helper who earns 10000 rupees per month it was out of reach. They spent half of his salary on her medicines and managed education of the elder sibling with the remaining. It was difficult to make ends meet, a 2 lakh surgery was near impossible for them.

Then started the process of asking close ones for help. A slow and difficult process with more no’s then yes. Stressed that money could not be arranged, and bad health of the child to add to worries.

A well known pediatric cardiologist approached 'Healing Touch' to finance an angioplasty correction of the hole in the heart. The hospital waived the hospital charges. Doctors were happy to look after the child for free. The cost of consumables and medicines was Rs one lakh. Full financial assistance was offered for treatment in a well known private hospital. A smooth and simple procedure lasting for an hour put an end to 2.11 years of suffering.

Most heart diseases can be operated successfully with good long term results.

A unique feature of Healing Touch is that we have doctors as trustees. Healing Touch is therefore well connected with doctors in municipal hospitals looking after critically ill children. Similarly we are well connected with specialists in private hospitals willing to offer specialized care for these children at highly concessional rates.

At a municipal maternity hospital, 2 children were born with critical heart disease. Both the heart conditions were potentially fatal but amenable to correction by angioplasty. The children were referred to a private hospital which runs one of the finest cardiac surgery programs for children. Angioplasty was required on an emergency basis and there was no time to be lost. A delay in the treatment would have disastrous consequences.

The hospital offers highly subsidized care to low income children referred from government hospitals, and offered to perform the angioplasty virtually at cost. Sadly even the cost of consumables (Rs 30000/-) was not within their reach. The doctors from the government hospitals called Healing Touch for assistance. We sent them 2 cheques for Rs 30,000/- immediately and both the babies were shifted to the cardiac unit. Both the babies have undergone angioplasty and are doing well. One of the babies will need a cardiac surgery after 3-6 months. The cardiac surgery will cost Rs 3 lakhs and Healing Touch has offered full support for this child. Both the children are expected to have long healthy lives after treatment.

Early treatment is very important in critically ill children. Healing Touch hopes to quickly connect the critically ill children from underprivileged families to the best medical units at highly subsidized rates.

It doesn't cost much to save a life.

And the smiles we see are invaluable.

Tata Memorial Hospital - TMH
Our Partners for Cancer Care

Tata Hospital is India's foremost centre for cancer treatment, education and research centre. It treats more than 2000 children annually with references from all over the country. More than 90% of the children at TMH come from the low and low-middle socioeconomic strata of the society. Treatment is lengthy and expensive, and these families require significant economic, emotional, and nutritional support. Without support, almost 1 in 4 families abandon treatment and go back to their home towns and villages.

To ensure that every child with cancer coming to TMH receives treatment and other supports regardless of background of family; Tata Hospital has established a childhood cancer foundation called ImPaCCT Foundation which stands for "Improving Pediatric Cancer Care and Treatment". One of the greatest needs at Tata Hospital is an Emergency Fund to financially support these families in the devastating weeks after the diagnosis of cancer is made.

Healing Touch has partnered ImPaCCT Foundation for supporting an Emergency Fund.

Our support ensures that each and every child coming to the hospital goes through the process of investigation and treatment planning.Tata Hospital then tries to get more funds for these unfortunate children from larger Govt. / NGO schemes. There are no trusts in Mumbai, that provide assistance in these initial crucial weeks after the diagnosis is made. Healing Touch fills this gap and helps tide the crisis.

Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital
Our Partners for Pediatric Heart Surgery

The H. N. Reliance Hospital has a state of the art centre for heart surgery in children backed up by one of the finest intensive care units. The hospital has partnered municipal and government hospitals in Mumbai. Children from low income families, born with critical heart disease requiring urgent interventions, are referred to the hospital. The hospital offers subsidized packages for these low income children, due to the support offered by Reliance Foundation.

Healing Touch has partnered the H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital to financially support critical heart disease in children.

AIMS - Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences
Our partners for an Out Reach Program

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and our trust has received generous support from the community. We however felt, that the poorest sections of society find it intimidating to come to large cities like Mumbai for treatment. We therefore decided to partner world class institutes from smaller towns, which cater to the critically ill children from surrounding rural areas.

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences - AIMS is well known for its pediatric heart surgery program. AIMS is well known for its philanthropic work, and offers quality care at very low cost to the rural areas around the hospital.

Healing Touch has now partnered AIMS- Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, at Kochi, to financially support heart surgeries for children from the surrounding rural areas.

Municipal and Government Hospitals in Mumbai
Out partners for critical medical and surgical care in children

The city has a chain of government and municipal hospitals, which offer virtually free treatment to critically ill children for low income families. These hospitals provide care for families in Mumbai but a large number of children are brought for advanced medical care from the interiors of Maharashtra and neighboring states.

Healing Touch has partnered Government Hospitals in Mumbai. We also support advanced for these children in private hospitals in critical illnesses like heart disease.