why we do it

In India 52 out of 1000 children i.e. 1 in 20 lose their lives before they reach their 5th birthday. The mortality in India is 10 times higher than many developed countries.

The total number of deaths in children under the age of 5 years is 1.4 million per year.

In India, some parents simply take their critically ill children back home once they know they cannot afford the cost of medical care. To save costs, some families treat their children in ill equipped hospitals and receive inadequate care. In some government hospitals, once a diagnosis of childhood leukemia is made, up to 50% of families do not follow up for treatment. Many families exhaust their savings and borrow money. Families are often financially devastated and not only the sick child, but even the other normal children in the family are neglected.

For a parent, seeing a child suffer is a tragedy. But a far greater tragedy is to see their children dying due to lack of care or suffering due to inadequate care.

Many of these childhood deaths can be prevented with better medical care. All we need to do is offer financially support. Our vision is to provide these children the best possible medical care. Many of the critical childhood illnesses can be cured. With good medical care, children have the ability to recover fully and lead long, happy and productive lives.

There is a tremendous desire to 'give' in our community.

Healing Touch will help the community to reach out to financially needy critically ill children.

"A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members" - Mahatma Gandhi